Lepanina hotell

Sauna There are charming moments in every night!

There are charming moments in every night!

Come and replenish your body and mind with new wonderful emotions in our saunas! Millions of waterpearls glitters on the endless horizon allowing to you enjoy the simple art of life!

We have:

  • Finnish sauna
  • Aroma sauna
  • Jacuzzi with a seaview
  • Little basin for bath with a upstream system
  • Restrooms

We have traditional finnish sauna – room with gradatory sweating bench, wooden walls and dry – hot air. Heated by the eletricity (70-100 C°).

The purpose of the sauna is to energise your body and relax your mind. Sauna is the best place to take time off from quick everyday life and let your dreams and wishes fly in the wonderful atmosphere!

Aroma sauna is the key to the world of smells! Different scenic ethereal oils stimulate your mind, if you breath warm aromas it will relax your body, excite immune system and work miracles for your feelings.

Powerful seaview from the 5-person jacuzzi is only one step away! Relaxing and tranquilizing water massage helps you relieve and energise your body.

For bigger company , starting from 20 persons, we offer 2 steps resting room where is beautiful seaview and a little private terrace.

Cooling bath with upstream system after the hot sauna is just a whipped cream on a sweet strawberry!

Our restaurant can prepare delicious sauna snacks and drinks for you party table – let us know your wishes!


1 hour for 1 – 4 persons 30 €
1 hour for 5 – 10 persons 40 €
1 hour starting from 11 person 60 €

Good to know – saunas warm up within 1 hour!

Come and enjoy our saunas with your best ones! Feel the touch of happiness in every minute spent in sauna!