Lepanina hotell

Guest information If you forgot something in our hotel

If you forgot something in our hotel and you would like to get them back please write to us lepanina@lepanina.ee  or call to our receptionist +372 44 37 368 and let us know how would you like to get your things back!

You are very welcome to come and pick up your things yourselves – our reception is open 24 h or we can send it to you by post!

If we send your things by post, there is an extra service fee 10 eur additionally besides the post fee.

We will send your package after the prepayment is received. For the prepayment invoice we will need your name and postal address. Invoice will come to your e-mail address!

Please note important steps what will bring your things to you!

  • Package price (depends on size and heaviness)
  • Hotel fee – 10 eur
  • Your postal address
  • Your e-mail address

We will keep your forgotten things only until the end of our season – 31.08.2020