Lepanina hotell

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We can organise for you exciting and memorable day with all kind of games – on the sea or on the land!

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  • Planning a weddings
  • Decorations
  • Flowers
  • Limousine rent
  • Wedding dresses

Further info: www.pruutpaar.ee

360 Kraadi

  • Active tours
  • Teambuilding games
  • Planned trips
  • Bogshoeing
  • Canoe trips
  • Kayak tours

Further info: www.360.ee/mangud

The Romantic Coastline

is a touring route that extends along the 250-km coastline around the Pärnu Bay, among the junipers of Varbla, all the way to the Estonian-Latvian border in Ikla. The touring route also takes in Kihnu Island with its special atmosphere, and the mysterious inland region with its deep forests and mires, where the trained and attentive eye will discover traces of the forgotten Baltic coastline.

Further info: http://www.rannatee.ee/parnu-estonia


  • Teamwork games
  • Corporate events
  • Birthday parties

Further info: www.seltskonnamangud.ee


Experience a sauna like never before in a mobile juniper sauna of Saunatrip. There is enough room for four people in the sauna and the juniper chips on the walls of the cosy sauna fill the room with the delightful smell of juniper. As the night becomes darker, the sauna becomes more cosy thanks to two different lighting systems – the ones in the ceiling and the LED-lights under the sauna platform. The atmosphere is made even more comfortable with a sound system installed under the sauna platform.

Further info: www.saunatrip.ee

Häädemeeste looduslik mineraalvesi

In 1967 the first borehole was drilled in Arumetsa and the production of Goodmen’s mineral water could begin. Chemically the water belonged to the sodium chloride group of mineral waters with the average content of minerals being 3-5 g/l. It had a favourable effect on digestion and intestines and it was used as a cure for gastric hypoacidity.

Further info: www.haademeestevesi.ee